EdCamp Design Thinking is the first EdCamp focused on discussing "How is design thinking impacting the future of education?"

On October 5, 2013 at the Central YMCA in Toronto, educators, designers and learners will come together for participant-led conversations.

To join the organizing committee: contact Jenn at jennifer.chan@exhibit-change.com

To follow the updates: Twitter @EdCampDT or #edcampDT and www.edcampdesignthinking.tumblr.com

Registration to open soon!

FAQ's 1. What is Design Thinking? Design Thinking is the process of finding solutions, it was coined by IDEO in 2006 and continues to be a tool widely used in social change. Additionally IDEO has launched a toolkit for educators to use in the classroom. Resources are available here: Design Thinking Toolkit for Educators http://www.ideo.com/work/toolkit-for-educators2. Do I need to be a Design Thinking expert? Absolutely not, Design Thinking is for everyone and anyone looking to learn more about other people, solve problems, be creative, collaborative and critical. The basics of Design Thinking can be learned in an hour and then practiced forever. There are always more tools to add to your toolkit.3. Why Design Thinking? Design Thinking is a phenomenal tool to be used for a human-centered design that is empathetic, prototyped, tested and implemented. Resources available here: How design thinking could help solve the skills gap. http://www.good.is/posts/how-design-thinking-could-help-solve-the-skills-gap4. How to understand Design Thinking in under 5 minutes? http://www.cbsnews.com/video/watch/?id=50141325n More Resources: The Grammar Of Design Thinking: http://www.academia.edu/1495497/The_Grammar_of_Design_Thinking_-_INCOMPLETE_DRAFT