EdCamp-Next Gen Teachers (#EdCampNextGen) brings together pre-service and inservice teachers, teacher educators, and education professionals at Arcadia University's School of Education for an EdCamp unconference on education, innovation, and teacher practice.

This EdCamp will begin with a poster session of work by pre-service teachers to share next gen practices and inspire participants. After the poster session, all participants will be invited to propose discussion sessions.

Date: April 30th, 2015

Location: Arcadia University, The Commons - The Great Room. 450 S. Easton Rd. Glenside, PA 19038



4:00-4:30 Gathering and guest speaker, Sam Reed III

4:40-5:30 Poster session

5:30-6:30 Organize sessions, EdCamp 101

6:30-7:10 Session 1

7:10-7:40 Dinner

7:40-8:20 Session 2

8:20-9:00 Session 3

Website: http://edcampnextgen.wordpress.com/
Twitter: #EdCampNextGen