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The First National (Un)conference for School Teachers EdCamp Ukraine 2015 took place in Kharkiv, Ukraine
on June 23 and 24, 2015.

EdCamp Ukraine 2015 gathered more than 300 participants who are school teachers from different regions, administrative staff in the sphere of education of all levels, representatives of the library sector, NGOs and enterprises, school students and their parents, university students specializing in pedagogy, volunteers.

In 2015 Ukraine has become the 24th country (out of 223 countries of the world) where EdCamp was conducted.

57 national and international experts, including Constance Fortunato (USA), Mark Turrel (Canada / Germany), Luigi Kavallito (Italy), Vlada Himenko (Georgia), Elena Kaplun (Switzerland), Dima Zitser (Israel) and many others, were among the special guests of the event.

More about the event you can read in the post-release via the link:

More about the educational movement of EdCamp Ukraine on the official web-site
http://www.edcamp.org.ua/, and on the official page in Facebook

Oleksandr Elkin, for@edcamp.org.ua