Our 2nd annual EdcampFlorence is February 25, 2017!

What is an Edcamp?

“Edcamps are organic, participant-driven professional development experiences created by educators, for educators. All topics and discussions are generated collaboratively on the day of the event by all the learners in attendance. Edcamps emphasize internal motivation, choice, and interactivity. Based on the tenets of open spaced technology, Edcamps are derived from the belief that a group of people, given a purpose and freedom, have the ability to self-organize, self-govern, and produce results (Boule, 2011). Conversations, not presentations, dominate the learning at Edcamp. Every participant has an equal voice and personal expertise is honored.

The purpose of the Edcamp format is to empower all educators to honor their own expertise. The model is designed in a way the encourages peer learning, sharing, and collaboration. Educators who attend Edcamps have something of value to contribute. Working together, everyone advances the technique, pedagogy, and the craft of the entire group.”

Recruiting a Diverse Team

“The more diverse your regional Edcamp organizing team, the more access you’ll have to resources and educators. Most regional event teams have between five to twelve people on them from a variety of different schools and districts. Ideally, most of your team previously attended an Edcamp. If you are lucky, some might even have helped plan one. However, the most important team member qualification is passion; ages, educational backgrounds, and professional levels simply don’t matter.”

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Co-Founders of EdcampFlorence:
1. Alyson Carpenter Athens City
2. Barry Wiginton Technology in Motion UNA
3. Beth McKinney Athens City
4. Denise Woods Muscle Shoals City
5. Jackie Flowers Florence City
6. Jennifer Butler Florence City
7. Jennifer Ozbirn Florence City
8. Jill Edwards Florence City
9. Krissy Malone Florence City
10. Karen Tucker Limestone County
11. Robin Horne Florence City