eGeneral Logo Info

The original edcamp logo was created by Lorenzo Ibarra, who was a student at Camden County Technical Schools at the time of design, now graduated. It is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike Non-Commercial 3.0 License, which means that you are free to use the file and edit for your own non-commercial purposes, and you must share any of your altered versions under a similar license. It is recommended that you share those new versions here on this page.I WAS HERE

Download the .AI file here for editing in Adobe Illustrator.

If you don't have Adobe Illustrator or a graphic designer on staff, try Inkscape, a free and open source vector graphics editor. Inkscape can open Adobe Illustrator files, though I don't think it can save files in the Adobe Illustrator format (.ai).

The logo for individual edcamp is written in all lower case. The Edcamp Foundation uses an upper case E.

Fonts for edcamp Yourcity

Recent logos:

external image q1onkw84P1TkdPNAlHqk-KQYsXMyhgHMQ1W2FF89QabSxKeQ-lFXJZuDN-qTE_OItIsDd7dUM9Ns7k9Jiv4DQGKXWywLIo9aBKFvavo4zJvdSh6J1zI4ANF2sd474jYMFWnMi7jt
edcamp treasure coast
(hosted in Martin County, Florida)

logo design: Doug Konopelko @dkonopelko


edcamp Taos 2016--logo design Nola Whetstone

#EdCamp513- designed by Gina Taylor
#EdCampExit8A - edcamp Exit 8A, designed by Gina DeVito-Birnie
external image EdCampBranding-Final.jpg

#edcampDP - Edcamp Dupage logos designed by Jay Mathes

edcamp-dupage JM04 px300-01.png

#edcampgoo - Edcamp with a Google Twist sponsored by GEG-NORTX - logo designed by Wayne Thames Burleson ISD

@EdCampOTown logo designed by Ethan Reed

@edcampcapecod logo designed by Corine Adams

@EdCampMoVal logo designed by Stacy Dawes @Dawes336

external image EdCamp%2BMoValcentered.jpg

@edcampGigCity logo designed by Justin Mulloy & Allison Fuller-Mulloy @AFMulloy for Chattanooga, TN using

Edcamp Hershey Logo.png
@edcampHershey logo designed by Lisa Butler

EdCamp San Jose Logo (1).jpg

external image edcampsc.png

external image 6522283_orig.png
edcamp Long Beach logo adapted by Brian Jones @ProgresivTeachr, and Trisha Callella @shareTED with permission of Aquarium of the Pacific logo use.

edcamp HRVA logo.jpg

edcamp writenow LOGO.jpg
edcamp writenow, Lewisville TX

external image edcampnyc-newlogo.jpg


edcampELON designed by Dayson Pasion

EdcampNL logo spot 2013-08-10_1926.png
edcampNL designed by Karin Havenith and Frans Droog

edcampdayton designed by M. Knott
edcamp Rochester designed by Markette Pierce @mspiercetweets

Screen Shot 2013-06-05 at 8.24.39 AM.png
edcamp COP

Edcamp Del Norte designed by @raefearing

external image 672b9b_deadf15b5c5a715aba427caf823062e5.png_srz_270_210_75_22_0.50_1.20_0.00_png_srz
edcamp Sonoma, designed by Matt O'Donnell @21cMatt

external image customLogo.gif?revision=4designed by Dr. Roland Rios


EdCamp Grand Rapids - designed by Eric Uchalik

EdCampNJ logo, designed by Jeff Bradbury aka TeacherCast
EdCampBaltimore logo, designed by Emily Letras



EdCampTO logo, designed by Nathan Chow
EdCampCT logo, edited by Ben Wildeboer


July, 2011: Jody Rentfro




EdCamp Omaha logo, created by Jason Schmidt.

EdCampQuinte logo, created by Andrew Forgrave

EdCamp Waterloo Region logo, created by Kim Gill


EdCamp Harrisburg logo, created by Chris Champion


external image logo.jpg
edcamp Charlotte logo, created by Jenny Grabiec

edcampOCLA logo created by Matt Arguello
Screen Shot 2015-08-31 at 1.39.55 PM.png

edcamp San Diego logo created by Carey Noakes

EdCamp Logo- Minnesota.jpg

edcamp Minneapolis-St. Paul logo created by Lisa Sjogren

edcamp Atlanta log created by Elan Design


EduCamp - San Francisco State University, 2012

edCamp Seacoast logo designed by Kristine Groleau from Seacoast School of Technology in Exeter, NH

external image edcamp%2520header%25204.png

edcamp Phoenix West logos Designed by instructional technology specialist, Javier Lucero from the Cartwright School District in Phoenix, AZ.

edcamp logo fav2.jpg
Design by Scott Warren edcuator, Kirkwood School District

EdCampIowa, designed by Scott McLeod, Prairie Lakes Area Education Agency 8, Pocahontas, IA

external image 9eaf547751da3b089f78538e238c1dbb.png

EdcampFortWayne, designed by Riley Johnson, Teacher, New Tech Academy @ Wayne High School

edcamp apple logo.jpg

Edcamp Dubai, designed by Maryam Abdulrahman AlBalooshi
edcamp dubai logo.jpg

Edcamp Abu Dhabi, designed by Otaiba Al Otaiba, grade 11 student at Glenelg High School


Edcamp Winnipeg logo created by Miles MacFarlane (@milesmac) incorporating an image of Manitoba's Golden Boy and the Esplanade Riel.
external image EdCampWPG-bannerblue.jpg

edcamp logo.PNG

Edcamp Yuma logo Created by Cary Fields teacher at Castle Dome Middle School in Yuma.
edcamptn closer.png
EdcampTN logo created by Samantha Bates, teacher at Lakewood Middle School in Buchanan, TN.
Stylized edcampTN apple designed by Rubin Adams, technology instructor at Harrelson School in Puryear, TN.

external image 11411085286_bc145f2479_o.png
Edcamp Tokyo adapted from original design by Glenda Baker, Instructional Technology Coach at American School in Japan. Dec. 2013.

Ed Camp Logo2.jpg
Ed Camp Logo.jpg
created by Alex Felter

Peel21st edcamp logoS.png
MFO edtech network edcamp created by @cashjim

Edcamp Idaho Logo adapted by Dave Guymon @daveguymon

ecamp Stillwater Logo adapted from Eric Uchalik by Josh Birdwell @_birdwell

EdCampMidMN Logo - Final.jpg


Logos Adapted by Mary Kovach

@edcamplaf Logo (Lafayette, Louisiana)

EdCamp Lafayette (5).jpg
Logo adapted by Natalie Sonnier Chustz

@edcampVC Logo adapted by @dustin772

EdCampMY7Oaks logo working file.jpg
@my7oaks logo adapted by @milesmac

@Edcampsnohomish logo adapted by Aric Schroeder

external image edcampbeach%20hi%20res1a%20%281%29.png?attachauth=ANoY7corbc-ubJE386EibYSuzMzPLrd1rYJ0fqEvvMh-f-wgtyDtNk-MxjbwCycTz5A2bqQnKuyPN1RqqF91_Eq0AGolPFmtPQbv0dicNj2AV8Gbh19s3_DXL2R-7SYHATw1KewzFXaDTHgR3Js1gwsXeyswveY4p1cs6BJzLUAUreDqOaf_dcPmQMvc-PYETIHNDPpd-ymqcgtuXWv6VqFHJs-XODqQx5Qm7t3mBAeU7fTTni7De4AFIm4PPfs97p2fuIRsuJYy&attredirects=0
@edcampbeach logo adapted by Dave Glenn (@davEDglenn) - 4/22/17

@edcampGSU lodo adapted by Lacey Huffling (@LHuffling)

external image 619161_orig.png
@edcampcarmel logo adapted by Eric Franklin @infocommoner


external image n_oFMJON6Hg460PZPyZeT_Dg2vbsKelwwgQMnYgWthM1qg5AUDheoo2nndd5CIZT78GVTCY=w572
@edcamphappy logo adapted by Jennifer Scudder @jlscudder