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Thursday, July 18, 2013


Region 6 Education Service Center
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What is EdCamp?

Edcamps are composed of educators, administrators & staff members who share a vested interest in growing professionally. Unlike other conferences, edcamps are considered to be an unconference because it does not include a keynote speaker and the cost of attending is free. If you want to share your ideas, sign up to speak. You want to hear the ideas of others being shared, sign up to attend a session. EdCampESC6 is open to ALL educators. Not just educators in Region 6! Here are some additional resources that will provide you some further insight into what an edcamp is:

What is EdCamp?
Introduction to Edcamp: A New Conference Model Built on Collaboration
Why Go to an Unconference?
My Day at EdCamp NYC 2010
An Edcamp Experience

Check out this video for a glimpse at what an EdCamp can become!

EdCamp ESC 6 Organizers

Jake Duncan - @duncanbilingual
Melissa McClatchy - @melmcclatchy
Cathy Moak - @edtechdoc

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