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EdcampKeeneLogo.jpgYou know you can't go back to school without a little Edcamp to get you off on the right foot- it's just not August without Edcamp Keene, amirigh
t? Home of the THIRD (and 300th!) ever Edcamp? We'll be back at Antioch this year (our 5th!) cause we're groovy like that, and it'll be another great unconference devoted to bringing together everybody interested in education: K-12 teachers, college professors, instructional designers, and anybody else interested in how engaged learning and teachnology can transform education (for the better!).

We're not sure what kind of sponsorship we're

going to have yet, so for right now, let's plan on bringing a bag lunch or some money to buy a delicious lunch from Donna's onsite. Remember what food in college was like? Well, Donna's food is not like that at all. It is tasty and nutritious. That being said, if we get a bunch of money, we'll totally buy food for all of you, just because we like you that much.

Seating is limited, so if you're pretty sure you can make it to Keene on August 20, you should probably reserve your ticket now. If it ends up that you can't make it, don't sweat it. Just be cool enough to let us know so we can let some other people in. Like your friends, who you should totally invite.

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Amy Gillam
Amy Gillam

Amy Gillam


You think Spiderman is Amazing? You should see our Sponsors!(Visit the EdcampKeene page to learn how you can join their ranks!)
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