EdCamp NH Registration is Open. Be Part of the Point Zero Zero Eight Three Repeating Percent

One Hundred Seats. 100. That's how many seats we have available for the first EdCamp NH.

Last time I checked (which, honestly, might have been 2008) there were about 1.2 million people in NH. That means well over 0.0083% of NH's population will be attending this groundbreaking event in Concord on August 15th.

[It's Monday, and I haven't had enough coffee yet to figure out how to do the line over the repeating three.]

Benefits of being one of the Point Zero Zero Eight Three Repeating Percent include:

  1. A full day of community-run conferencing
  2. Some sort of lunch or lunch-like food
  3. A T-shirt.

Go get your ticket now! They are free!

If you register, and decide later you don't want to come, that's OK! The dizzying heights associated with being a Point Zero Zero Eight Three Repeater are not for everyone! Just let us know you are not coming. But get your ticket now if you think you are coming as we need it to plan for your arrival.

And invite friends -- even if they are from Massachusetts or Maine. We want to get as big a variety of people as we can get. Send any questions to me, and I will try to answer.