edcamp Phoenix

March 2, 2012
500 Guadalupe Rd
Tempe AZ 85283

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8:30 Welcome
8:40 Planning our morning

1.Click here to add suggestions for sessions and/or volunteer to facilitate a session on the Lino sticky board.
2. Getting to Know You Please complete this form so we can all get to know each other better.
3. SimpleK12 has provided a free eBook to all of us. Follow the instructions handed out to you and download the eBook.

9:15 Refreshments

Board Room
Large Conference Room
Education Services Conference Room
9:45 -10:30
QR Codes
What is a QR Code At A Glance Comic
QR Codes In Education- Livebinder by Steven Anderson
Classroom 2.0 LIVE Archives
Video: Black and White and Scanned all over
QR Code Black and White Generator
QR Code Color Generator
Kim Caise's Most amazing list of QR resources
50 New Tech Tools
Log me in app - Helps to remote control any computer using a browswer. Needs work on both ends.
Join.me - Same as above. You can remote in
Trend to find out where you are? What to do about it?
http://cuttings.me/ - Student could create their own portfolio
twit.tv - Personal Network that is free. Video or audio - Financial information, networking, technology related.
https://sites.google.com/a/creightonschools.org/csd-iachieve/ Creighton SD
Blogging in the Primary Classroom
10:40 -11:20
Kathy Schrock's Technology and Blooms
Suggest to use this with the TIMS to help teachers find tools to support the levels in TIMS.
Also show specific Google help files such as
Copyright-friendly Images and Media
Flubaroo and Google Forms
Two more free online quiz tools to share:
Testmoz - lets you create automatically graded online tests. You don't have to create an account but it will allow you to pull reports.
That Quiz - students can practice a wide variety of math skills but if you create an account you can create custom quizzes, import your class, and pull reports.
Both of these tools are free and they work on iPads and iPods.
Enjoy! ~Suzanne
Online PD, Finding and Creating
11:30- 12:10
Moving Teachers Forward
12:00 -12:30
Closing Session
Door Prizes

iPod/iPad App Lists
TCEA Recommended Apps
Escondido District Apps List
Open Culture Free Apps
WOScholar Apps List
iEducation Apps Review
Questions: mrlucero82@gmail.com

Survey and Certificate:

We hope you enjoyed today. Please complete this brief survey and click here to download your professional development certificate: edcampphoenixcert2.pdf. Thank you for coming.

Julia Howe's Notes for 3 sessions.

Student Blogging in the Primary Classrooms
How do you help move teachers into this venue for primary grades?
  • Fear of the unknown for parents, teachers and admin
  • Utilizing guidelines in student blogging (Heather- Tempe)
  • School Fusion, Gaggle.net in Alhambra, both offer student blogging
    • very secure and safe
    • highest area of use is in the blogging section of Gaggle
    • Generally teacher creates the blog to use in the classroom (discussion topics)
    • Teacher monitored
    • Student can be moved to "trusted" user, no longer monitored by teacher
    • Generic user names given to student
  • Vanessa (Cartwright)
    • Also has School Fusion, not using for blogging
    • ELL classrooms using iPads, iTouches
    • Hoping to go to Google, a couple of classes using Blogger
    • 1st graders blogging
    • Have 21st Century Classrooms with "bunches" of tech
  • Terri (Scottsdale)
    • Storyjumper
    • Comiclife
    • Kidspiration
  • Ideas for encouraging teachers to blog
    • Take a class, use the tech, see that they are using, they earn additional hours (3 hour class, use tech, get additional 3 hours) Heather/Tempe
    • Alhambra is doing the same thing
    • Cartwright - 21st Century rooms required to participate and work with tech integration specialist, helping to encourage others in the District
  • Kim suggested talking about getting Tech Integ Specialist together to talk about issues we face

Cherie Stafford
Maricopa County Education Service Agency/Eastside AzTEA
Mark Osman
Tempe School District
Michelle Fahy
Kyrene School District
Javier Lucero
Cartwright School District - Phoenix, AZ
Suzanne Sallee
Crieghton School District - Phoenix
Jill Felty
Paradise Valley School District - Phoenix, AZ
Julia Howe
Yuma Educational Technology Consortium - Yuma, AZ
Peggy George
Professional Development Consultant (Twitter: @pgeorge)
Kim Thomas
Madison School District, Phoenix, AZ
Nancy Pratt
Cave Creek Unified School District
Jane Koval
Retired Educator
Jan Wolfgramm
Tempe Elementary