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Portsmouth Middle School, New HampshireOctober 22, 20169:00-3:15Contact information: edcampSeacoastSmackdown from 10/27/12

Organizers:Sheila Adams @sheila_ACathy Brophy @brophycatStephen Gagnon @jstephengagnon
Jaclyn Karabinas @jkarabinasAndy Littlefield @AndyLittlefieldRachel Small @RachelVSmallJessica Wentworth @JessLWentworth
Attendees- let's starting brainstorming! Please fill out this spreadsheet and let us know what you are hoping to learn about or share:Edcamp Seacoast Brainstorm
Schedule:9:00 Arrive, coffee, mingle9:30 Gather to set schedule for the day10:15-11:00 Session 111:15-12:00 Session 212:15-1:00 Lunch1:00-1:45 Session 32:00-2:45 Session 42:45 Gather and SmackdownJoin us downtown at The Portsmouth Brewery for the after party!
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What is an Edcamp?An edcamp is a free "unconference." It is participant-driven with topics and schedule developed at the start of the day. Attendees can sign-up to facilitate a session and/or choose which sessions they would like to attend. Participants do not need to present. This is not a technology conference, although, technology usually does play an important part.

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