What is the Upper Valley EdCamp?

EdCamps are a way for educators to come together to share ideas, best practices and dilemmas. Inspired by the Unconference format of workshops/conferences, EdCamps facilitate peer-to-peer learning, collaboration, and creativity.

Unlike traditional conferences, sessions are not planned or scheduled until the day of the event. At the beginning of the EdCamp, participants suggest ideas based on their area of interest, or desire to share. Discussion leaders come from within the attending members. Our first EdCamp is open to staff, teachers, administrators and educators in middle and high schools.

How Can You Benefit?

Come enjoy an evening with colleagues from the Upper Valley area and beyond. Arrive with an idea for a session that you would like to lead or with the anticipation of an afternoon of learning from your peers. A session might explore a technology tool, a discussion about best practices, a collaborative presentation with multiple facilitators, or a problem you’d like to solve.

Over the course of the afternoon, you will have the opportunity to attend up to three sessions. The rule of the unconference is to "vote with your feet". If a session doesn't meet your needs, simply get up and move on to another room.

You will learn something new, maybe make a new friend, and receive information that you can immediately apply in your classroom and professional life! You'll also receive a certificate from the Upper Valley Educators Institute for three and a half continuing education hours.

What is the Cost?

Upper Valley EdCamp is free!

When is it?

Date: May 3, 2012
Time: 4:00-7:30 (a light supper will be provided)
Place: Lebanon High School

What Should I Bring?

Bring a friend! Bring an issue! Bring a classroom practice to share. Bring an open mind. A laptop with wireless Internet is useful. It will allow you to view the session board online, take notes, and view websites discussed throughout the day.

How Do I Register?

To register for our May 3rd 2012 UV EdCamp head to our registration page at www.uvedcamp.org.
Registration is free, but space is limited.


Please feel free to send an email to bnorth@uvei.org or visit our website at uvedcamp.org