2016 EdCamp West!

Coming again April 3, 2016!!

2013 Archive Event of Edcamp West:

We are planning #EdcampWest to be a MERGING of higher education and K12 education in one setting. We plan for it to be multi-site - concurrent edcamps will run at the University of Victoria, Simon Fraser University, and one ONLINE edcamp will take place for those remote/rural or with schedules that make it hard to attend in person. Stakeholders from both K12 and higher education sectors are encouraged to participate.

We have an extended open online community for maintaining dialogue on the theme of Disrupted Education at http://teachdifferent.ca.

Date: Sunday, June 23
Locations to date: UVic (Victoria), Simon Fraser University (Vancouver), and one virtual Edcamp (online).

Follow us at @edcampwest on twitter or #edcampwest

The UVic event is prior to the EdMedia conference in Victoria which runs June 24-28 - http://aace.org/conf/edmedia

Please contact edcampwest@gmail.com if you have any comments or are interested in hosting a connected Edcamp West site next year when we do this again! Our logo shows our scope as British Columbia, but we are open to expanding the scope should interested parties contact us.