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Edcamp Zambia

Upcoming Edcamps
August 28th - Macha Central Basic School, Macha, Zambia
Sept 2, 2015 - Munzhi Lodge, Choma, ZambiaJanuary 6, 2016 - Munzhi Lodge, Choma, ZambiaApril 29, 2016 - Munzhi Lodge, Choma, ZambiaMay 4, 2016 - Batoka Basic School, Batoka, Zambia
Sponsored by:
Mennonite Central Committee

To attend one of these events, send SMS (text message) to Michelle Potts 260978861540 with your name, your school and how many people will be attending (please send at least 3 days before event so enough food can be prepared). Tea / Coffee / Rolls as well as lunch will be provided. All events start at 9am with tea / coffee / rolls and picking topics. Sessions begin at 10:00.