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Just heading into break?? Welcome to summer! The public thinks that this is the time when teachers are laying on the beach, but we know that teachers are always looking for another opportunity to connect and learn. Kick off your summer right with EdCamp Petaluma!

Our EdCamp will be held on June 13th, 9:00am, at Mentor Me in Petaluma. To sign up and receive more details visit our EventBrite page by clicking the link below:

EdCamps are participant driven professional development events, based on an unconference model. Bring your ideas for conversations, some thoughts/lessons to share, and as many friends/colleagues as you can! Entrance is free, and you get to decide the direction of the learning.
"Learning is not about what someone else permits you to do, it's about what you choose to embrace in your everyday life. Your learning matters. The more you share, the more we learn, and the more our students learn. You take the responsibility and the authority to make it happen." -Kirsten Swanson (Co-Founder of the Edcamp Organization)

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Thank you to our sponsors for making this event possible!
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