EdCampVoice on Voxer (a.k.a. EdCampVoxer) will take place from July 7-July 8, 2017!

Please use the link below to register for this event:

You can also find us on Twitter @EdCampVoice or follow the hashtag #EdCampVoice

Additional Event Details are as follow:
Two to three days before the start of the event (or after your registration), you will receive session board details and a link to where you can add a topic you would like to discuss. We will set up your room with that topic, and add more people as they join. Feel free to begin discussing the topic at any time.

The synchronous aspect of the conversation will begin on July 7th at 12PM EST/9 AM PST and officially conclude on July 8th at 11:45AM EST/8:45AM PST. However, continue the discussions as long as you would like!