Welcome to EdCamp ESC 5!

We're BACK! We had so much fun last year we decided to do it again!

Come join us for the second EdCampESC5!

EdcampESC5 offers teacher-led professional development for those wanting to improve their craft. Choice and voice is the key here – come learn with us! Sessions are decided by participants, with volunteers as facilitators. If you’ve never experienced EdCamp style professional development – now is your chance. Join us for a fun-filled day of learning, participation, networking, and thought-provoking connected conversations!

When: July 31, 2015
Where: Region 5 Education Service Center
Address: Edison Plaza, 350 Pine Street, 4th Floor, Beaumont, Texas, 77701
Contact: Jana McEachern, jmceachern@esc5.net

Kay Herrington, kayhn@esc5.net

April Petitt, apetitt@esc5.net


Follow us on Twitter: @EdCampESC5