*Edcamps do not need to cost a cent! Technically they don't need to be in a special venue, attendees can bring their own coffee/breakfast and tees are not necessary. Really the only cost might be name tag stickers and markers!*

The first thing you want to do once you have put together a press release is to begin looking for sponsors if you feel that you have costs that require it. Make sure that you have a succinct and engaging description of edcamp to inspire sponsors to get involved in something new and exciting.

Some tips for looking for sponsors:

  • think of educational tools/websites you use on a regular basis who may be interested in getting their name 'out there'

  • contact ANYONE about sponsorship, no matter how small the donation!

  • be clear to the sponsors about what your vision for their sponsorship is and how they will be represented at the conference. Remember, an unconference is a non-corporate event! No exhibits or tables should be reserved for sponsors

  • avoid sponsors with political connections or groups that may have a political agenda

  • edcamps should have numerous sponsors. Do not allow ONE company to sponsor the entire unconference. It is too easy for people to equate the experience with one sponsor that way

  • it's OK to politely decline sponsorship!