JEDCampSFBay 2014

May 18 2014

Hosted by Wornick Jewish Day School Foster City, CA


JEDCampSFBay 2014
Wornick Jewish Day School
May 18, 2014

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Light the fire with us...
in honor of Lag b'Omer spark the fire of connecting light the fire of learning

9:15a- 3:30pIncludes Breakfast and Lunch CONNECT, LEARN, SHARE and REFLECTTO BE A JEDCamper is
to join the tens of thousands of educators from around the world who've participated in j/edcamp

JEDCamp is open to any/everyone involved in the education experienceSan Francisco, Bay Area or beyond JEDCampSFBay is an official Edcamp especially for educators in the Jewish schools
Come alone and meet a colleague Bring a colleague or your team Let's Keep Connecting, Let's Keep Talking JEDCamp... part of something much bigger!

See a live session and FAQs from last year's JEDCampSFBay 2013
9:15 Door open (Hello My Name Is)
10:00 Session 1 ...Wait for it
11:00 Session 2 ... Building the board is how it's done
12:00 Lunch/Networking/Raffle (and a brilliant panel, shhh... can't say more
1:00 Session 3 ... NOW you get it... step up and add to the board
2:00 Session 4 ... Day is almost over... try to get to two session in one slot
3:00 Speed Sharing/Raffle/Stay tuned for moreJEDCamp FAQs

But don't take our word... read what others said:

  • JEDCamp is a hard thing to describe - until you actually participate in one. Then it is crystal clear. It's important to trust the process - and feel confident that if educators you respect are participating in the day - that it's bound to be something really good. Trying something new is important - trying something that you don't quite understand what it is - - is something we often want our students to do.
  • JEDCamp is a fantastic opportunity to share ideas, explore new methods, and learn best practices from fellow educators.
  • Learning what you want to know about from people who know about it.
  • Alchemy. Magic. Learning. That's what happens when you combine passionate educators, dedicated administrators, and engaged lay leaders in a day of peer-to-peer engagement on the most pressing topics of the day. There's no method but the madness - and it worked.
  • It is impressive and exciting to see such a range of educators coming together to think creatively and share best practices.
  • As always, the networking was one of the most valuable parts of the activities. Hearing what other talented people are doing to help kids learn is the best!
  • This is worth your time and energy. I came on a "day off." You meet other educators and the spontaneous conversations are thought provoking. I came away energized and creative.
  • If you feel isolated and unsure of the educational changes occurring, you must attend a JEDCamp. You will meet and collaborate with colleagues that have a variety of expertise and have an opportunity to share yours. Teachers are the largest, most educated group in most communities; JEDCamp is a way to share that pool of experience.
  • JEDCampSFBay exceeded all of my expectations! I learned based on my interests, and this experience will definitely affect my day-to-day work.
  • What an inspirational group of innovators and motivators! This experience today gave me so much to bring back to my school! I am excited to share and to continue to develop and learn from this network of exceptional educators!!!!