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JedcampNJNY Brooklyn is taking place on Sunday, October 20th at Magen David Yeshivah High School in Brooklyn, NY!

To register for JedcampNJNY, click here

To read more about JedcampNJNY, read the blog posts on the TechRav and Thinking About Chinuch blogs.

Frequently Asked Questions about Jedcamp:

How much does Jedcamp cost?

Absolutely nothing. Nada. Zilch.

I'm not a techie - what will this conference do for me?

Jedcamp is not an educational technology conference. Session topics will be suggested by the attendees on the day of the conference and you will have the freedom to choose whatever session strikes your fancy. And if you do not see anything right away that interests you - YOU can put a topic on the board.

Does that mean that I need to prepare a presentation in advance?

Not necessarily. Some of the best sessions at Jedcamp might grow out of a group of people who want to have an open and serious conversation about a topic that has been on their minds. The opportunity to discuss with people from a wide range of schools and experiences can be a very enriching growth opportunity.

Isn't it kind of weird to go to a conference where you do not know in advance who you will be listening to?

How often have you gone to a conference where you knew the name of the speaker in advance and felt that he could have made his point in 10 minutes and then let you go home? In Jedcamp, no featured speakers means that everyone is on the same level of expertise, and the learning is a result of a shared dialogue, not a frontal presentation.

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