Edcamp Chicago Fall 2016
Edcamp Chicago Fall 2016

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Spring 2016 Schedule: Schedule

Ben Hartman @thebenhartman
Joy Kirr @JoyKirr
Carrie Baughcum @heckawesome
Dan Cultra @dcultra
Katie Diebold @katiediebold
Andy Fekete @afekete01
Megan Moran @megancmomo
Maria Stavropolous @mstavi3
Ben Kuhlman @bkuhl2you
Steve Wick @rechargeedu

EdCampChicago is held twice annually, once in the fall and once in the spring. We rotate the location around the Chicago area in order to allow involve more people in planning and bring the edcamp model to a broader audience.

Past Host Schools
Churchville Middle School, Elmhurst
Libertyville High School
Bednarcik Junior High
Buffalo Grove High School
Palatine High School
Wood Dale Junior High
Sears Center, Hoffman Estates
West Leyden High School
Stevenson High School

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