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external image ixub9PADzIP9UgRUf6gKDIK0lIYG2Y95Z4ZzAAEOjQUv2iDm4cChgzkbNZiqNwrWUky5oO-LN68210UplaEYRAgZjXjVJxyh42N0SdkJDvJIRSFFXN36EAAynAEdcamp Denver 2017

What's Happening?

A free “un-conference” for educators by educators to share knowledge and work collaboratively. It’s an empowering approach to professional learning, where we provide the space and you are the talent.


Saturday, February, 4 2016 8:00am - 12:30pm


Event Location:
Grant Beacon Middle School (GBMS) -- 1751 S. Washington St., Denver, CO 80210
Directions to GBMS

Debrief & After Party Location:
Announced at event


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