Thanks for kicking off 2018 with us!
We'll be backatCypress Creek High School
1101 Bear Crossing Dr.
Orlando, FL 32833


Organizers: Alina Davis @alinadavis, Beth Scanlon @scanloe,

How does it work?

e will begin the day with coffee, conversation and a blank schedule board. Some EdCamp oragnizers start from the ground up with post it notes and conversation. Post its are sorted into threads and the threads become conversation sessions. Other EdCamps call for volunteers to populate the session board. We may do both.

edcampcitrus board.jpg

EdCamps offer a wide-range of professional conversations and experiences. Participants are encouraged to "vote with their feet." If a session is not meeting your needs, you are free to get up and choose another session to attend. The day will boast four sessions, two in the morning and two after lunch. We will open with a short ignite session and host an "App Smackdown" at lunch time. Start thinking about favorite apps and sites you'd like to share during the Smackdown--bonus points for talking up purposeful use of the tools you share!

Who runs each session?
Volunteers lead each session. Sessions are informal and run the gamut from conversation to demonstration. EdCamp sessions are not "death by power point" affairs.Instead, educators talk to and with each other. Through shared experience we co-create knowledge about teaching and learning. That does not mean sessions lack any visual support--by all means bring a laptop or some student samples or supplies to chart ideas virtually or on paper. Share pictures from your classroom context. Demonstrate a favorite tool. Sessions share what is working (or not working) in our schools and classrooms. Some are technology infused and some are paper-dependent. There is richness in diversity.

How long is it?
Bring what you learn with best. Bring an educator friend. Bring a teacher buddy. Bring your passion for learning and enthusiasm for instructional practice. Bring to your favorite tools and your willingness to share. You don't need to bring anything but yourself.

Want More?

"Why EdCamp?" by Kristen Swanson
"10 Myths about EdCamp" by Krissy Venosdale

Many Thanks to Our Generous Sponsors!
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